Croc adapter (set of 4)

(set) Peggy Peg

Croc adapter (set of 4)
Croc adapter (set of 4)
Croc adapter (set of 4)
Croc adapter (set of 4)
Croc adapter (set of 4)
Croc adapter (set of 4)
Croc adapter (set of 4)
Croc adapter (set of 4)
Croc adapter (set of 4)
Croc adapter (set of 4)
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Manufacturer Peggy Peg
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Croc-adaptor 4 pcs. The PeggyPeg Croc ADAPTER is easy to slide into both the awning and caravan tent rails. For example, a storm strap can be attached together with the Crocodile Peggy and you can effortlessly create shade areas yourself with the help of (towels) towels. The PP Croc ADAPTER can also be useful on its own; Once pushed into the rails, tea towels, clothes hangers or other objects can easily be hung on them.
The idea behind the new “Croc ADAPTER” is as simple as it is ingenious. The adapter is an addition to the “Crocodile Peggy” and is simply slid into the rails of your awning or awning. There are different diameters of the gutter in the awning front frame, which is why suitable fillers are included. Furthermore, a tension strap can be attached to the front frame using the “Crocodile Peggy” and your awning will be secure and secured.

Want to create more shade under your awning or awning? With the help of the “Croc-ADAPTER” and the “Crocodile Peggy” you can easily hang up some towels. Insulation cover over the caravan? “Croc ADAPTER” in the bottom aluminum rails, “Crocodile clamp” on the adapter and everything is properly secured.

The “Croc ADAPTER” also fits in many rails above the side windows of a camper or caravan. This makes it easy to stretch a cloth or insulation mat over the window using the “Crocodile clamp” linked to the “Croc ADAPTER”.

The “Croc ADAPTER” is also very useful “stand-alone” while camping. With the adapter pushed into the front frame of the awning (or into the rails on the caravan wall), you can easily hang tea towels, clothes hooks or coats.

Product information
  • supplier: Peggy Peg
  • supplier article number: PP17
  • barcode (EAN): 4260172640176
  • the PeggyPeg Croc ADAPTER can be placed in both the 7mm and 10mm caravan frame
  • supplied as a set of 4 pieces, including adapters for different types of awnings
  • packaging: blister
  • own weight: approximately 0.02 Kg. (set of 4)

Peggy Peg Crocodile not included in this set.


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