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Fix&Go Tube
Fix&Go Tube
Fix&Go Tube
Fix&Go Tube
Fix&Go Tube
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Manufacturer Peggy Peg
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Putting out your awning in a parking lot, paddock or paved depot can be a tricky situation. The ground is then often too hard for pegs, while an awning cloth with its large surface area quickly becomes a plaything for the wind.

The Peggy Peg Tube is the solution! Thanks to a clever design, the Tube fits perfectly on the awning legs of most European brands (Prostor, Thule, Omnistor, Dometic and Fiamma). Once filled with water, you have sufficient ballast to firmly anchor the awning.
Fix&Go Tube is the perfect extension to our Fix&Go anchor plate. This allows you to firmly fix your awning on, for example, pavement or asphalt. The Fix&Go Tube is easy to transport because it is so compact and light in material, but once filled with water it becomes a counterweight of 10 kg.

Place the adapter (base plate) on the ground with the Fix&Go anchor plate* on top. Position the awning leg in the anchor plate and lock it. Fill the Fix&Go Tube with 10 liters of water, then use the Velcro fasteners to attach the Tube to the post.

Fix&Go Tube does not replace traditional attachment with pegs or ground spikes. Only for those moments when the bottom does not allow pegs and only in moderate wind.

Product information
  • supplier: Peggy Peg
  • Supplier article number: PP22
  • barcode (EAN): 4260172640220
  • delivery as kit: 1x base plate (perfectly suitable for a Fix&Go anchor plate) 1x Fix&Go Tube
  • packing: blister
  • own weight:

* Fix&Go anchor plate is not included

Pay attention!
The Peggy Peg Fix&Go Tube offers sufficient stability in moderate winds. However, as soon as the wind increases in strength, we recommend that you retract the awning.


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