Pegy&Stop S pegs 6pcs

(set) Peggy Peg

Pegy&Stop S pegs 6pcs
Pegy&Stop S pegs 6pcs
Pegy&Stop S pegs 6pcs
Pegy&Stop S pegs 6pcs
Pegy&Stop S pegs 6pcs
Pegy&Stop S pegs 6pcs
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Manufacturer Peggy Peg
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Peg & Stop S, 6pcs
Peggy Peg now makes securing the awning even easier. Thanks to the standard counter nut with these Peg&Stop pegs, you can screw the anchor plate to the bottom particularly easily and quickly.

Turn in (by hand or with a cordless drill) until you encounter resistance, stop turning. Tighten the orange 'counter nut', and you're done. FIXED = FIXED.

Product information
  • supplier: Peggy Peg
  • Supplier article number: PP01
  • barcode (EAN): 4260172640015
  • delivery as a set of 6x Peg&Stop pegs (incl. counter nut)
  • length: 16cm
  • wrench size: 17mm
  • max. 25 Nm.
  • UV resistant
  • color blue
  • packing: blister
  • own weight: approx. 0.18 kg.

The Peggy Peg Peg & Stop screw pegs have been specifically developed for use in combination with the Peggy Peg Fix&Go anchor plate.
Pre-drilling can be a good idea if you have a harder surface or if it is freezing cold. See our Peggy Peg pre-drill kit for this.

Do you want to use the Peg & Stop screw pegs for tensioning a line or elastic? Then add the clip L to your order.


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Features and Specifications

Brand Peggy Peg
Color blue
Peggy Peg

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