storm band

(per stuk) Peggy Peg

storm band
storm band
storm band
storm band
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Manufacturer Peggy Peg
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Awnings and awnings are securely tensioned in strong winds. Ideal in combination with the Peggy Peg anchor plates or the Peggy Peg XL pegs (plastic or aluminum). This striking lashing strap in Peggy Peg orange always stands out, even at dusk.

Product information
  • supplier: Peggy Peg
  • Supplier article number: PP20
  • barcode (EAN): 4260172640206
  • strong plastic strap in striking orange color including tension spring
  • length 13 meters
  • order screw pegs separately
  • packing: blister
  • own weight: approx. 0.7 kg.

Can be combined with the Peggy Peg screw pegs XL, Peggy Peg screw pegs XL alu, Hard-core hammer pegs and the Fix & Go anchor plates.

top tip
A storm strap is always "turned" a few times (wokkel) after installation. This reduces the wind's grip on the line and prevents a lot of chattering.


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Features and Specifications

Brand Peggy Peg
Color Orange
Peggy Peg

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